Marketing of our gas storages

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innogy Gas Storage NWE offers its customers a wide range of products and services:
from fixed storage bundles to customer-specific solutions. You are free to book flexibly according to your needs, that way making best use of the available storage capacities.

As per 01 April 2017 we join the marketing of both our storages Epe H Gas and Xanten under the new innEXpool. This way our customers can use our H Gas storages in the market area NCG even more flexibly, thus profiting from the advantages of the optimized operational procedures in innEXpool.

Services for Gas storages

Capacities and booking

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We market our products on a non-discriminatory base in mutual negotiations with our storage customers or in capacity auctions, such as via the platform ICE Endex Markets. You may also turn to our sales team with binding and non-binding booking inquiries.

We shall contact you straight away.

In case you wish to use storage products and services you will find the General Terms and Conditions in the new download area as well as the corresponding appendices which form part of any storage contract .You may also find all documents in the menue under download.

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