Natural gas storage products

Storage bundles and services

Night view of innogy cavern storage in Staßfurt

innogy Gas Storage NWE offers you currently following products:

  • firm storage bundles
  • firm unbundled storage capacities
  • interruptible unbundled storage capacities
  • Day-Ahead-utilisation

You may book these products separately or in combination with each other. We shall be happy to assist you. For more information on products and fees please refer to our information in the download area.

We offer individual storage capacities at the storage connection point of the respective transmission grid operator. As to booking the corresponding entry and exit capacities please refer to the respective grid operator.

Firm storage bundles

Our storage bundles

The "firm storage bundle" combines the capacities working gas volume, injection and withdrawal capacity in a fixed ratio.

As storage customer you have the option to buy any number of storage bundles. Of course you may also book individual services on top of your package, that way increasing your storage capacity in a flexible way.

Specific storage bundles

Firm unbundled capacities

If you want to book capacities separately

Our gas storage product "firm unbundled capacity" enables you to book separately the capacities working gas volume, injection and/ or withdrawal capacity according to your requirements.

You may choose the booking period for firm injection and/ or withdrawal capacity in a flexible way. You are only required to have booked a firm working gas volume covering the entire booking period.

Interruptible unbundled capacities

Even more flexible at a reduced price

At a reduced price we offer you additional interruptible individual services in form of injection and/or withdrawal capacities.

If you as a storage customer want to book interruptible injection and/or withdrawal capacities, you need to have booked a firm working gas volume covering the entire booking period.


Even more flexibility

To increase flexibility we offer our storage customers the chance of Day-ahead-Utilisation. In this way you as storage customer can use for the following day non-nominated injection and withdrawal capacities.

The only condition for this Day-ahead-Utilisation is that you have a firm working gas volume and that you have concluded a framework agreement for this service.

The framework agreement enables you for the period of the contract to nominate probably available injection and withdrawal capacities which are published a day ahead of use and to use them on the following day should they actually be available. In the storage portal we publish daily at 16:00h (CET) a forecast of the injection and withdrawal capacities which are likely to be available for Day-ahead-Utilisation.

For further details please refer to the General terms and Conditions for Day-Ahead-Utilisation in the download area.

Physical requirements

State-of-the-art technical equipment in innogy gas storage in Epe.

Storage specifics

In using our storage products the relevant storage specifics must be taken into account. We try to keep the resulting restrictions as low as possible. There are mainly the following technical conditions.

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