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innogy Gas Storage NWE for exacting demands

Storing natural gas and using it flexibly

Security of supply is one of the big challenges of the modern energy industry. This is why innogy Gas Storage NWE, a fully-owned subsidiary of innogy SE, offers its customers flexible and reliable storage services in line with the relevant current market requirements, thus contributing substantially to security of supply. By using the products and services of innogy Gas Storage NWE you can optimise your gas trade as well as safeguard the supply of your customers.

Our storages at a glance

Map of Germany with listed storage symbols: innogy gas Storage NWE manages the storage business of the innogy group for the Northwestern European gas market.

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Our storages

Our goal? Customised services.

We store natural gas where it comes from: below ground. innogy gas Storage NWE, registered in Dortmund, operates five underground storages with a working gas volume of about 1.6 billion cubic metres for the Northwestern European gas market.

innogy Gas Storage NWE offers its customers one-stop integrated storage solutions. We do so in accordance to the needs of our customers, taking into account the location conditions and by reacting to specific market requirements. In close contact with our customers we market, operate and develop natural gas storages at a state-of-the-art level while adhering to all required standards. By using our natural gas storages, companies of all sizes can balance fluctuations in consumption more easily thus safeguarding a continuous supply of energy.

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